Sunday, September 23, 2007

Trip to Mackay

I got some sad news on Friday. My Uncle Wes passed away. He was my dad's older brother. I was really close to him and I will miss him. He was a wonderful man, he was 89 years old and died in his sleep. We decided to go and visit his wife in Mackay, Idaho. Here is a picture with me and my Aunt Connie.
My Uncle Wes was a Colonel in the United States Airforce and served in WWII, the Korean and Vietnam War. He was a Patriot and proud of his country.
This is his dog "pete." Maya loved him.
He had a flag waving in front of his home. He had such a love for his country.
This is the town of Mackay.

My dad and my Uncle Wes lived in this home for a short time.
This is an old LDS (Mormon) Church. My Uncle Wes wasn't mormon, but he said he used to go to the youth dances to meet the town's young ladies! :) (Yes, these are my dance moves! smile)

Can you believe this?! In a town of 400, there is a golf course!!!!
This is the ranger station where my Grandfather worked when my dad was a little boy. There is so much history in this tiny town and we had a wonderful time. I will miss him, but he lived a wonderful and full life.


Cassie Stewart said...

I just can't help but think of what a great time your Dad and Uncle Wes must have had watching you all visit his home town :) Your pictures and words are so nice.

Meghan said...

I'm glad you made it there safely... looks like it was a good trip and so many great memories. Give us a call when you get some time this week. :)