Monday, September 22, 2008


Last week Ken and I took a trip to California with some of my family. (My niece April Fillmore and her husband and three boys and my nephew, Dave Mink, and his wife and two boys! Needless to say, my girls were outnumbered, but they had a blast!) Thanks for inviting us Dave and April!!!We also visited Ken's uncle, Dean, his wife Deanna and their son Nathan. But, Maya spent most of her time with the family dog, Tucker. She LOVED him!
Dean grilling some amazing steak. They made us the most delicious Sunday dinner! Thanks!
Near the beach where we stayed was a park with a zip line! I took Aliyah for a ride, but Maya wanted to go by herself! She's a brave girl.
Ken enjoyed learning to surf!
Check him out! By the end, he was a pro! Santa Barbara Zoo...I LOVE Aliyah's face here! She's saying "hold on Maya, we're going for a ride!"
The girls had the chance to feed a giraffe! It left quite an impact on Aliyah and whenever I ask her about the giraffe, she says "long neck lick me!" And then she starts to laugh. I think she was a little surprised to see the giraffe's tongue coming at her!
We had amazing weather! Sunny all week!

Here is Maya holding a baby octopus! Benjamin, April's husband, showed us where to find them. It was a favorite activity among the kids!

April Fillmore, me and JesseAnn Mink. Don't be fooled by this picture...with 7 kids under the age of six, we were hardly ever just sitting around and hanging out!!! :) But our walks along the beach were fun!

I also did a little kayaking. Ken caught this picture of me with the girls watching. Aliyah wanted to come with me so bad! Maybe next year sweetie!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's a Girl!

Well, we found out today that another girl will be joining our family in January! We are so excited for these sisters to grow up together! What a fun day. We just wanted to share our exciting news!