Thursday, September 6, 2007

Golfing With Grandpa

A few weeks ago we went to the driving range with Grandpa Sonnenberg and Ken's cousin, Daniel Dickson. Grandpa was a great coach and taught me how to hit the ball straight. (Of course, he always hits it straight!) Of course, Maya needed her own spot to drive the ball. Smile!

I know, I know, keep that left foot down! After our golf outing, we went to This is the Place Memorial Park. For those of you that don't know, this is where Ken and I got engaged! It was fun to visit it again.


Cassie Stewart said...

great photos! Okay next project...learn to golf

Meghan said...

Look at you! You look like a pro to me! I wouldn't even be worrying about form... just trying to make sure I don't make a fool out of myself by missing the ball completely! ;)

becca said...

Hey Babata, this is Ken's cousin Becca. I came across your blog through a random chain of people. I haven't seen you guys in forever! It is fun to see pictures of your girls. They are beautiful, and getting so big!