Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day! :)

For Labor Day, we went boating with Ken's brother Steve & his wife Meghan. They have two kids and they are only a few months apart from our girls! We had so much fun and the water was so clear...a little cold, but clear. I didn't bring my camera, but my sister-in-law is a great photographer and emailed me these pictures from our boating trip! :) Thanks Meghan! I love this picture of Aliyah! She had so much fun just standing on the boat and looking around.


Meghan said...

I know! I love that picture of Aliyah too... she has the cutest little smile. :)

Cassie Stewart said...

OH these pics are so cute and fun! I love the one of Ken and Maya looking at each other in the boat. And yes, Aliyah is a cutie with that big smile- can't wait to see you guys again in November!

Team O'Connor said...

Babata! How are you lady?! Your family is adorable! I found your link from Meghan's page and wanted to say 'hi'. Have a great day!