Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not your everyday "Grandma"

Yes, this is 'grandma' (my mom) and yes she is bouncing several feet off the trampoline with Aliyah! :)She didn't want me to write this, but, yes, she is 63 years olds....I only HOPE I have that much energy and spunk when I'm her age! As you can tell from the next picture, she was having a blast! She slowed down for a little reading time with the girls. The girls love stories and books! Maya is really into stories and everyday says "Tell me a story." She gets a bedtime story from mom and dad every night.
My mom and I had a 'girl's weekend' trip to Denver on Mother's Day weekend. We spent Friday and Saturday in Denver shopping, going to musicals, and just hanging out. Then, we came home early Sunday morning and celebrated Mother's Day with Ken and the girls.
Here is what we came home to!Ken made us a WONDERFUL dinner of roast, green salad, jello salad, rolls, and for cream brownie sundaes!!! YUM! It was delicious and so sweet of him!For Mother's Day, my mom bought me this beautiful outfit for Church. It was fun to have something new to wear. I also had the wonderful opportunity to speak at Church on Mother's Day.
Oh, and one more picture for fun! My little "twinners!" I never dress the girls alike, but I just couldn't resist! Maya had fun dressing like her little sister!