Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jackson (Hole), Wyoming

We just got home from the most incredible vacation!  We decided to take an extended weekend trip to Jackson, Wyoming and I'm so glad we did.  It is beautiful!  The air is so clear, the mountains are stunning, and the people there were wonderful.  Here are some pictures of Ken and the girls horseback riding.  Maya had her own horse for the hour long ride and did amazing. Ken rode with Aliyah and Tehya and I went on our own little hike! :)

My brother, Oscar, and his wife, Susie, were also there this weekend to watch Susie dance in the Memorial Day parade.  She did wonderful...of course!  I love Oscar in his cowboy hat and boots...reminds me SO much of dad!
Jackson was VERY kid-friendly and had a lot of activities for the girls to do after the parade including face painting and making hats!  I love how these two like to hold hands...they really enjoy each other.
Hiking in Teton National Park.  That is Jenny Lake behind us.
More hiking....SO glad we brought the baby carrier!

And, last, but surely not least, a picture of my three girls.  Maya and Aliyah LOVE Tehya and always want to hold her or sit by her.  There is something special about having three girls!  Tehya is almost four months, how time flies!  Well, to conclude this post, if you want a fun, family get-away....try Jackson Hole, Wyoming!  It is a beautiful place.