Sunday, March 30, 2008


Maya and I celebrated our birthdays the last two weeks! We went to the petting zoo for Maya's and mine was on Easter!

Since I will not have an Easter birthday again, I asked Ken for an Easter basket this year!
Oh..and a few more pictures! A couple of weeks ago we went to St. George to visit some friends. They have five boys and when I walked out to the garage to check on Maya, there she was holding their snake!!!

Oh and one more VERY important, recent event....our city league team took first place!!! Way to go gals! You guys are awesome!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cousin Time

Collin & Casen came over to play the other day! They are such good and sweet boys and it was really fun to see Collin and Maya play together! (for those that don't know, Collin & Casen are Dave & JesseAnn Mink's boys. Dave and I were best friends growing up and it is SOOO fun to see Maya & Collin becoming friends as well!)

Big sister helping out!

After Family Home Evening, we like to have a short "testimony time." Aliyah usually runs around and watches us. Well, last testimony time, Maya said that she could help Aliyah! It was soooo cute and so funny! She got right behind Aliyah and started whispering in her ear. After she was done helping, Maya ran off and we all clapped for Aliyah. Aliyah LOVED it and started laughing!

Kangaroo Zoo

Maya is at the age where she loves to tell me where she wants to go and what she wants to do that day. One of her favorite places is the Kangaroo Zoo (a place that has a bunch of blow-up slides and trampolines!) We wanted to share her favorite place with dad. As you can tell from the picture...he loved it...but, I'm not sure how much Aliyah liked it! :)Maya loves going down the big slides! :) She was a "little nervous" the first time, but did great.