Monday, July 7, 2008

Cahoon Reunion

July 3rd and 4th we celebrated with Ken's Grandmother Cahoon and her children and grandchildren for the Cahoon Reunion. His Aunt Carol (picture below in the green shirt) worked so hard to organize this reunion and it was a great success! Thanks Carol and thank you grandmother for such a wonderful family and legacy.

Aliyah and Maya enjoyed all the fun activities, including bounce houses, swimming pools and a slip and slide!

Oh yea...and they LOVED the chocolate chip cookies too!! :)
Maya having fun on the slip and slide!


Mink News said...

Looks like a fun 4th! I am sure the kids loved the slippin slide!

Lisa said...

looks like it was a great time.
Maya is pretty fear less with that slip and slide!!!
See you soon.

Lisa said...

and that is a darling picture of maya in that towel.
A good one to enlarge and frame.

Cassie Stewart said...

cute cute photos! I agree with framing the one of Maya.

Brenda said...

Babata - congrats on your new baby coming and Maya was soooo cute on Sunday, bearing her testimony. You go girl, I didn't know you were playing basketball!

stephanie said...

babata, you just look SO beautiful in these pictures!!

Keith-Suzanne said...

Wow Babata! Looks and sounds like life is moving really fast!! You have beautiful kids!! And another on the way!!! Congrats!

The Prattastic 6 said...

I am a long away friend from those visiting days in Lake Arrowhead ca, I am Taffi Dean.. now Pratt. But I am not even sure if you remember me.. but we have been wondering how Oscar and Susie are. I use to baby sit megan and mindy, we were there from the day they both came to oscar and susie.. carzy i find you here... that was crazy i totally knew who you were just by photos... can you please contact me.. my website should also be attached.. i have 4 boys.. my oldest got the priesthood today.. crazy!!!!! please please contact me!!!!!!
great seeing your girls, they are cute... and good luck in jan on the 3rd...
Taffi Pratt (Dean)