Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Pictures...Finally!!!

Okay, I know it has been way too long!!! I've had some camera issues (just lost the charger and had to order a new one!) Anyway, no more excuses....here's what we've been up to. To begin, in August, we had a visit from my best friend Cassie, her husband, and three adorable girls! Here we are at the top of Sundance!
The boys rode their bikes down the mountain and we rode the gondola down with five girls under the age of 6....not sure who had the bigger adventure! :) Making princess crowns!

Such fun girls!

In July, we took a trip to Chicago to visit Ken's dad. We had such a wonderful time! Here are a few pictures from his farm. The girls LOVED riding the horses!!!

In July, we also had my family reunion and my brother, John, and his three amazing children (Justin, Ashley & Amanda) stayed with us. Here are Justin and Ashley with their cousin Deanna. The next picture is Maya and Amanda.

Well, there's the mini update! Sorry it has been so long!


Unknown said...

Looks like you've had lots of visitors and a very fun summer!! We remember the farm and riding on the four wheeler - good times!

Cassie Stewart said...

look at you getting all caught up! I have been working on the Utah post draft for awhile now- it is a bit overwhelming and Ava's few 1st day of school pictures seemed easy to post so soon. BUT I will complete the Utah one soon :)
These pics make me smile. We had such a great time. Hope it's not too long before we do this again!!