Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Farm Country

One of our favorite things to do is go to the petting zoo! Maya wanted to try on some hats today! She's my little cowgirl!

She is saying, the pig says "oink, oink, oink". Oh yea, and she told me that she wanted me to be a pig for Halloween!! :) We'll see about that one!

Ken used to line up his cars in a straight line as a little boy! Maya likes doing that with the animals. (By the way Aliyah came with us too of course! But, she slept almost the entire time!)

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Meghan said...

How fun... and hilarious about adding that little bit about Aliyah! I often get home from an activity, look at the pictures on my camera only to realize there are none of Scarlett. :) Glad I'm not the only one!