Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Golfing with the Girls

As many of you know, the girls spent a lot of time on the golf course with their dad this summer. He would take them almost every night in June & July so I could study for the Bar. It was fun to go with him the other day. The girls sure know what to do on the golf course!

Here is Maya on the driving range. She wants to hit the ball like dad.
The girls will usually just sit and play while dad swings away.

Aliyah LOVES to hold the golf ball! Ken will give her a ball to hold at each hole. She will usually just sit in the grass and play with it. (of course, now she's crawling all over the place)

I LOVE this picture! I told Ken to do what he would normally do if I wasn't there so I could take some pictures of what his summer was like. I laughed when I saw him plop both girls down next to him while he took a shot! :) The girls were great....like I said, they know what to do on a golf course!


Mom said...

Looks like Daddy Ken has really shown Maya how to keep her head down and her eye on the ball... I see a Tigress Sonnenberg in the making !

Heather said...

Love it!!!!

Cassie Stewart said...

these are adorable. wish we could go golfing with you guys! Should I post Dan's rugby tackles with the girls? :)

Meghan said...

So cute... whatever will they do when there is snow on the ground?? Ken's next project will be a green in the playroom. ;)

Babata said...

Hey Meghan, I told Ken what you said and he actually thought it was a good idea! :) smile. He's joking....I think?!?!