Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kauai - March 2010

Our first day in Kauai...the girls are SO excited and ready to go!!
I loved the pineapple coconut ice cream!!! Yes, I pretty much had dessert every night!! :)
My fearless husband playing in some pretty big waves...apparently he still thinks he's 21 years old and invincible! :)
Just a picture I took of one of the many beautiful sunsets!We loved the walks along the beach.
These two had SO much fun together! They are such sweet sisters!!

Okay, this picture tells it all! It captures each of our personalities in a single shot...Tehya walking, discovering, moving about...Mom trying to keep a hold on her...Aliyah staying close to mom's legs with a shy smile...Dad is calm, relaxed and got a soft hold on mom and willing to take a quick picture before he plays...and Maya saying, 'forget the picture' I'm here to swim and do my own thing!! :) (she's in the blue raft in the background) It truly captures us in the moment! LOVE it!
This is all for tonight!!! I will try and post more later!


Lisa said...

So beautiful...your family and the island! So fun!

Fullmer Family said...

I'm jealous! Troy and I have been wanting to go to Kauai! Looks like a great trip.

hOLLIANN said...

How fun! I can't wait to see more pictures. We LOVE Hawaii...remind me again why don't I live there?

Emily B. said...

What a great trip! Looks like you made some wonderful memories.

Unknown said...

This is a message from Coach Reinert:

Thursday night at Marriott downtown Provo hope to get together with former players. 7:45 -9:45pm in the Summitt room. Let me know if you can come. Family welcome. Trish and Gretchen will be there also. Let me know who can come. We play a very talented BYU team on Friday. I hear BYU is selling $1 dollar tickets for upper bowl and $5 for lower bowl. Hope to see all former UVSC players and family.

Phil lost Kenny's number or he would have called!