Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let it Snow!

Okay, I know this is shocking for people who actually read my blog to see two posts in one week, but I couldn't resist sharing tonight's activity. Ken wanted to build a "snowman family" in the front yard and we all had fun!I LOVE this face!The finished product! Notice the snowmom's belly! :)Oh, and another fun activity today, we had a "very merry unbirthday" party! Maya saw some pictures of Aliyah's birthday cake this morning and wanted to make a cake and have a party! So by 10am a cake was done and friends were on their way over! It was a fun and creative morning! :)
Maya even had "presents" for her friends! It's fun to see what you can find around the house and wrap up! smile!
Maya and Aliyah decorated the cake with horses and "grass!"
Aliyah couldn't keep her fingers out of it! So...we wish you all a very, merry un-birthday!


Mom said...

You certainly have a Winter Wonderland in Utah ... and I loved the belly on the SnowMom !

And the very merry un-birthday was a great idea. Looks like all were having a fun time. Very creative.

Emily B. said...

Way to go on TWO new posts in one week!!! Fun stuff is always going on at your house.

Brenda said...

So cute - love the snowman family!

becca said...

The snowman family is adorable! Every time we go out and try to build a snowman it is too cold and we can't get the snow to pack. Maybe next time.

Also, I think it is so cute that you threw an unbirthday for your girls. What a fun idea!