Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving in Texas!

This year we spent Thanksgiving in Texas and had a wonderful time! Aliyah's birthday fell on Thanksgiving day, so Grandma Mink made a cake for her and we celebrated while we were in Texas. She LOVED the horses on it!
My nephew, Justin, with my sister Amanda at Thanksgiving dinner.
My brother, Jeff, took us on a nature walk in the backyard. I grew up with acres and acres of land behind our house. It was fun to watch Jeff teach Maya and me!!
My brothers....Jeff and John.

My sister's (Amanda) beautiful kids...Edith and Jett.

I was also able to visit with friends! We drove up to Dallas to spend time with Cassie and her three adorable and sweet girls. It was such a FUN trip!! Thanks Cassie! She even made Maya her first cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream! Yummy!
Our girls had SO much fun playing together...pretty soon there will be six girls playing together! Wow...who would have thought?! :)Oh, and this is Ava (her FIVE year old) reading books to Maya. Yes, she is only five and can read ANY book you hand her!My best friends from highschool...it was SO fun to catch up!!! Nycole is in the middle and Tanae is next to her with her little girl Jordyn.
My other best friend from high school was Candace and she is due almost the exact same time as I am in January! She is also having a girl. She is standing next to her brother and sister, who, by the way, have grown a TON since I last saw them! :)
Oh, and one final picture of my nephew Justin tackling my brother-in-law, Jeff. Justin is an amazing football player...one of Austin's best! He has two amazing sisters as well...Ashley and Amanda.


Emily B. said...

Wow, that looks like a very fun trip! I'm glad you guys got to go down and visit. It was fun to see you at the game the other night.

Lisa said...

Maya's hair is so long. Have you ever cut it?

Brenda said...

Your kids are so cute, I love the pic of Maya cuddled up having a book read to her.

Cassie Stewart said...

what a great post and trip! We can't wait till next year!! Oh I am sooo excited for you to have your third girl and make so many more memories with us!

Mom said...

Yes, it was a great week... fun times with family and friends, great Texas weather, wonderful food. I am looking foward to coming to Provo in February to see the THREE little Sonnenberg sisters.

stephanie said...

hey babata! what fun pics! i can't believe i missed you???! my original plan was to be in utah, but we ended up being here...geez!
your family is adorable.