Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

My friend and neighbor, Kristen, invited Maya, Aliyah and I to Thanksgiving Point's Gardens for the Tulip Festival (which is over, but the tulips were in bloom!) The girls had a great time and Maya loves spending time with her friend, Gracie. Maya making a wish! Well, I'm not sure if she actually made a wish, but she had a fun time dropping the penny in! :)
There were so many beautiful flowers there, but my favorite were the purple pansies. My dad used to tell me that pansies reminded him of his dad (who had passed away when he was a teenager). Now that my father has passed away, I also have a special love for pansies.

Maya LOVED playing in the water (maybe even more than looking at the flowers!) I knew she was ready to start swimming again when she asked if she could swim in the fountain! Nope...sorry!!
This is Aliyah's "smile." Well, not really, but whenever I asked her to smile today she made this face. Too funny!

The waterfalls were magnificent as well.

And, one final picture...this one is from last weekend, the morning after Ken and Maya's daddy-daughter date. Dad took her to Build-a-Bear, where they made this stuffed "doggee" together and the next morning she wanted ribbons and pigtails like the dog! :)


Lisa said...

That is so funny........we took Ella to build a bear for her birthday and she chose that exact dog!!! I am glad she did , because that one was my fav.
She LOVED the whole process. Even dressing it (even though the outfit was a princess dress wearing hello kitty slippers)... It was fun to see her create such a darling dog. She even chose a crown, purse and magic wand for the dog.
And then we went to grab a few things at target before dinner. And then as we got in the car(after target) she said..."wheres my dog". I ran back in retraced my steps. No dog. I called target for the next several days and no one turned it in. We had been out literally ALL day. So I called all the places we had been. No dog...... She was SO SAD!!!!
so LONG story short. We got to do the WHOLE process all over again. THat $100 plus.....dog better have been worth it. (smile).
Lets talk soon,

Cassie Stewart said...

Nice to see you are still blogging (hee). Cute pics of the girls. Maya looks so excited about her new dog. Aliyah is getting big!

Sheri Willardson said...

These pictures of your girls are so sweet-the flowers in the background make the pictures look so beautiful! My second daughter Amanda has a funny picture taking face too-I can never get just a normal smile from her. Oh well!

hOLLIANN said...

Happy Mother's Day to you...and super talk in church. We will have to play this week - my house is actually clean!

Unknown said...

HI! Kenny and Babata! Cute blog! Your girls are so darling! Don't ask me how I found your blog, I just did! Now I can keep up on your family instead of always asking Phil if he has talked to you lately or not!!

Jeannette D.

Katy said...

I found your blog through Holli! Come back to the Bean and see me. Let me know if you ever play bball in the evenings. I wanna come

behka said...

The gardens are beautiful! I am going to have to take my fam. Cute pics of your kids!

paige said...

Hey Babata! I found your blog on Holli's so hope you don't mind me stalking you. You're kids are so cute and growing up fast!

Babata said...

Hey Katy, Jeannette and Paige (and any other 'stalkers' out there! smile) I'm SOOOO glad you gals found my blog! How fun, we'll have to keep in touch better! And, I will come back to the Bean Katy...you know we can't get enough!