Sunday, March 30, 2008


Maya and I celebrated our birthdays the last two weeks! We went to the petting zoo for Maya's and mine was on Easter!

Since I will not have an Easter birthday again, I asked Ken for an Easter basket this year!
Oh..and a few more pictures! A couple of weeks ago we went to St. George to visit some friends. They have five boys and when I walked out to the garage to check on Maya, there she was holding their snake!!!

Oh and one more VERY important, recent event....our city league team took first place!!! Way to go gals! You guys are awesome!


Cassie Stewart said...

Of course your city league took
1st place!!! way to go. Love the pic of Maya with the snake and what a GREAT idea to have Ken get you a basket! I'm glad you two enjoyed your bdays!!

Lisa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Babata and Maya!!!
Can you believe she is 3?? Time flies.
We hope you had a GREAT birthday.
How is little Aliyah?

stephanie said...

happy happy birthday to you both!! i sent this super goofy hallmark e-card to you last week, but it turns out I don't have the correct email address for you...what is it???!
your little maya is so so cute. i love how anxious, excited and curious she is about the snake. you can totally see her little personality in those photos. and of course, congrats on taking 1st!

Fullmer Family said...

That's awesome!! Who knew Babata still had the skills?!? :) Just kidding!! Wow, Lei too - I haven't seen or heard from her since her OSU days, actually, you too!! How's everything going? I've loved your blog! Your girls are so CUTE! :)

Emily B. said...

I'm SO excited you guys won the Championship! I'm sad I didn't even get to be there to cheer you time :-). Happy bday again! Hope you are feeling better.

Meghan said...

hey congrats on the win! :) Maya's party was fun and Kanyon still talks about riding the pony. Glad we could see you on your birthday!! When sickness leaves our house we'll have to get the kids together again.

Julie said...

Hey Babata,
I didn't know your birthday was on Easter! Happy belated. It was so fun seeing you at the park the other day. Such a nice surprise. It's funny to me that it has been 12 years since we played together at UV! Yikes.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...
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Mom said...

Looks like you still have the moves, Babata ! Congrats.

And great pics of Maya's B'day party ... and looks like she will be a nature gal without fear...
love, Mom

April-Benjamin said...

Adorable pics. Congratulations on taking the city league. Some of my friends and I joined one 2 years ago and I do believe we came in last place :)