Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mindy's Wedding

This is a sweet picture of Dad and Aliyah at Mindy's reception. Mindy's reception was absolutely beautiful and the food was incredible! Way to go Oscar & Susie!
I love this picture of Maya! We were all hanging out after Mindy's (my niece) wedding and she ran up to me and hugged my leg! I had to take a quick picture before she ran off again! :)


Babata said...

Just leaving myself a comment to see how it works!!

Mink News said...

Who leaves a comment to their self? Cool site!

Mom said...

Hi Babata... from the trampoline pics it looks like you and Ken may end up on your heads with the wakeboard flips... hope not !! Have you folks tried the wakeboard flips as yet?
And the stack of law books looks as tall as Maya...I bet you are really glad the studying is over.
love, Mom

Unknown said...

Awesome pictures! Keep it up I love it. I feel in keeps me in touch with each grandchild. How FREE you must feel.

Love you all


Mom said...

Babata, you are wondering where Maya gets her love of the camera ... Are you kidding !?... I have lots of pictures of you doing the same thing. Enjoy you little camera ham ... love, Mom